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LIVARSA is a dynamic company that has earned itself a great reputation in the field of energy optimisation since it was founded in 2010. With its EP+ system and the CleverSave-program we can offer our customers an technical and economic solution for saving electricity.

Thanks to our know-how, many years of experience, the appropriate expertise and just the rught amount of instinct, we have managed to affirm ourselves in the current market and have earned and enjoy a great reputation amongst our customers.

Wtih strong links to our national and international partners and customers, it is our aim to offer not only products, but also solutions and project services. This guarantees, both technically and economically, the highest possible level of security and thereby satisfaction for our customers.

Our solution with EP+

An economically and technically very interesting and unique way to convert your electricity costs into profits.

  • EP+ is the innovative solution to optimise your electricity needs. You will only pay for the energy that you actually use!
  • The profitable investment in your own electricity consumption. Generate a profit of 2–6%.
  • Proven and sophisticated technology. Innovative technical solutions that inspire.
  • The unique <<Clever Save>> program. Return on investment within 5 years, Rapid payback without risk.

Who can benefit from the EP+ system?

From small and medium-sized companies to large industrial companies and corporations and also public premises. All premises with high electricity consumption can benefit from the use of EP+ system. Projects habe already been implemented in industrial properties with large machinery, office buildings, departement stores, warehouses, schools, sport facilities, ice rinks with large compressors, in the retail and wholesale trade, restaurants and hotels. A large and varied number of premises and buildings in Switzerland, Austria and Germany have been using the LIVARSA EP+ system for years and are available for a visit or to gather further information.


EP+ reduces your energy consumption – even when faced with the highest technical demands!



Energy-intensive companies, oversized electric consumers, thermal losses, old and undersized cables and even the latest technology can be optimised. Thanks to our solutions, all these factors can be improved. Resource management and improving energy effeciency is now an integral part of any innovative company! It is important for every company to create that competitive advantage while at the same time taking responsibility for future generations. An opportunity, without risk, to make a profitable investment. Easy to implement, depending on the structural and space requirements and easy to use. An investment with a reasonable payback period and without risk is our ultimate goal. With over 6 years experience and over 500 project solutions in variety of industries and companies, we are now in a position to judge the chances and risks and to accurately estimate the potential savings involved.

Take that decisive first step!

Companies are often reminded by laws, guidelines and regulations of their duty to implement measures to reduce carbon emissions. 
With our „CleverSave“ solution you not only reduce your energy needs, but can also convert your energy costs into profits. Don’t hestitate to contact us. We will gladly carry out a preliminary analysis, create a forcast of energy savings and profits and organis a visit to one of our customers – all this with no obligation for you whatsoever.