CleverSave your profit

EP+ und “CleverSave” Programm ist teine neue Ausgangslage für Ihr Unternehmen, wenn es um die Reduzierung des Stromverbraus geht.

During the many discussions we have with our customers, from energy-intensive companies to companies in a variety of industries, we have collected the many desires and motivations for making the decision to invest in energy efficiency measures.

We took all these points, summarised them and then then developed the “Clever Save” program. In so diong, our priority was a return on investment within 5 years achievable without risk.


The unique “CleverSave” program

With the “CleverSave” program, the project costs depend on the actual saving made and the 6-point program. Thus, from the outset the projects are calculable and without any risk for the customer as a maximum payback period of 5 years is the basis of the calculation.

The 6-point program

Basis for this is the electricity consumption during the last 12/24 months. Based on those figures, the demand for electricity and the maximum power peaks are analysed.
It shows which amperage is required and which EP+ system is the most suitable. A system size providing a reserve of 10-15% is always designed and implemented.
Checks must be made in advance to ensure where the EP+ system can be set up.
In addition to the location, it must be clarified in advance whether or not there are specific policies or security restrictions in place or whether additional measures must be taken.
If the space is available, connectivity is then checked using an electrical installation company. Again, the local safety regulations form the basis for deciding on how to install the system.
Once points 1-4 have been fulfilled positively, the project costs can then be determined and an offer can be made on the basis of the «Clever Save» program. Calculations to be made: cost of the EP+ system, assembly, 50% pro-rata cost of installation, commissioning and programming, 5 year guarantee, energy data management, WEB access, service and maintenance.

Deciding on the implementation of the EP+ projects is without risk, since all costs and other factors have been tested in advance.

Project finance-EP+ Projekt with Clever Save

cleverSave_logo2Another component of the “Clever Save” program is the option of financing the EP+system.

After the implementation of the project and having discovered the real savings in terms of kilowatt  hours and energy costs by means of pre-specified measurement analysis, the customer has two options:


Option A:

The project will be carried out according to the contractually fixed terms and the equipment becomes the property of the customer. The customer benefits here in many respects and the savings made convert his investment into income in less than 5 years.


Option B:

The project is financed by LIVARSA & Partner. If the customer chooses this advance financing option, the payback period will be extended by an additional 6 months. Thereafter, the equipment will become the propery of the customer. The controlling processes and the monthly payments agreement will be processed directly by LIVARSA & Partner. Partners can be, for example, energy suppliers, distributors or affiliates.


Calculation example 1 of project costs vs. potential savings

Calculation example 2 of project costs vs. potential savings