We can gladly arrange visits to our existing customers

This way you can get information about the functionality of the EP+ system, the project management, the potential savings and the personal experiences of the electrical consumers from the customers themselves. These include industrial plant with large machinery, office building, warehouses, schools, department stores, sports facilities, ice rinks with large compressors, retailers and wholesalers, hotel etc…

A large number of different building structures in Switzerland, Austria and Germany, which have been using LIVARSA and their EP+ for years, are available for a visit. We’ve installed systems in these 3 countries with a size ranging from 150 A to 2500 A. The largest installation in Europe has an output of 3200 A.


  • EPplus-System 500 – gesamter Betrieb, Montage und Produktion von Antriebsteilen
    Herstellung von Antriebslösungen - Deutschland